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Rapid Change Intensive

The ultimate one-day personal development event designed to transform your life and unlock your full potential! Get ready to dive deep into the realm of personal growth, guided by the principles and strategies that have propelled countless individuals to extraordinary success

At the Rapid Change Intensive, we believe that change is not only possible, but it can happen rapidly when you commit to unlock the authentic power inside of you. This immersive event is your passport to experiencing profound transformation in just one day. Are you ready to break through limitations, conquer your fears, and create lasting change like never before?

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October 28th 2023

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October 29th 2023

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Join Matt Catling the creator of The Rapid Change Movement and RCT (Rapid Change Technologies) along with his dynamic team of world-class experts and fellow growth-seekers, as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This event is a rare opportunity to learn from the best, to absorb their wisdom, and to embrace the tools that have helped millions achieve their dreams.

Throughout the Rapid Change Intensive, we'll dive into a range of topics that will unlock your true potential. From mastering your mindset and rewiring your beliefs to overcoming obstacles and creating lasting habits, this transformative day will equip you with the strategies and insights necessary for rapid change.

Sabrina Houssami

Featured on the Australian Apprentice, formerly Miss World 2006,
Miss World Asia 2007

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of courage, perseverance and insight I have learned to display in all my business and personal dealings. Matt is one of those rare things – a coach who guides and prompts with such subtlety and skill that one cannot help but be persuaded, motivated and inspired. You will see progress where there was none before.”

But this event isn't just about knowledge; it's about experiencing a breakthrough. Through...

immersive exercises

interactive workshops

powerful interventions

you'll discover how to ignite your inner fire, unleash unstoppable confidence, and tap into an unshakable drive for success. Get ready to step into the life you've always imagined.


Award winning newsreader and writer for Womens Health & Fitness Magazine

“I have increased my confidence and decided to quit my full time job and pursue my passion. I have now increased my income within only two weeks of finishing the course. On top of this I have had a life long battle with binge eating and was able to cure this within minutes with an intervention with Matt. Thank you.”

Imagine a life where fear no longer holds you back, where you consistently achieve your goals, and where fulfillment and joy are your daily companions. This is the life that awaits you at the Rapid Change Intensive. Join us and be part of a vibrant community of growth-minded individuals who are committed to creating their destiny by design.

Don't settle for mediocrity when greatness is within your reach. It's time to shatter your limitations and unlock your true potential. The Rapid Change Intensive is your chance to transform your life in just one day. Are you ready to make the leap?